UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - QGeeM
UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - QGeeM
UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - QGeeM
UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - QGeeM
UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - QGeeM
UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - QGeeM
UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - QGeeM


UOEOS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

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Brand Uoeos
Model Name Q63-3
Color Black
Form Factor On-Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

About this item
  • Create an Auditory LIVE HOUSE Feast: Specially invited acoustic masters and music digital technology experts for exclusive tuning, and restoring the real auditory feeling. Every note precisely jumps into the ear and makes your brain delighted with a loud sound, rich bass, clear midrange, balanced treble, and high definition. It's an addictive feeling.
  • Health and Safety Listening: Do not have stuffy, swollen, numb ear. The weight of a single earphone is = 4/5 grams is the weight of a coin, just without wearing feeling. Liquid silicone ear caps distribute pressure evenly over your ears for comfort. CVC 8.0 level noise reduction, street calls do not need to shout, and talk to fellow pedestrians without taking off headphones can hear clearly. IPX7 level waterproof configuration, withstand the sweat in sports, and heavy rain on the street.
  • Movement without Bundles: In-ear design combined with soft rubber curved ear hook, and the pinna fit, stable not off; The game sound effect is a low delay, accompany you to lock the game to carry all to win the MVP. Easy-to-understand buttons use can accurately control the volume and change songs. Born for activities, an excellent choice for farmers, ranchers, drivers, warehouse workers, contractors, athletes, and office workers.
  • 54 Hours Composite Endurance: The Bluetooth earbud's noise canceling can last for 18 hours, and the charging compartment can provide 3 times of life for the earphones. It only takes 90 minutes to bring the earphones back to life. Bluetooth 5.3 dual-issue connection faster than a blink of an eye, no need to worry about using the device system is Android IOS or windows, as long as there is a Bluetooth function, it can be fully compatible.
  • One Good Better than N Bad: Charging box skin feel, Pocket size can one hand grasp, travel is not cumbersome. There is also the classic dual LED display, The remaining power in percentage on the screen is shown to the left of the Bluetooth box, and the right side is assigned to a charging process of each bud, anytime, anywhere insight into the power situation. You can get an ear cap*4, an instruction manual, a charging cable, and a velvet cloth.



Product Description


Designed for Music-lover and Nitpickers of Tone Quality

The UOEOS wearable Bluetooth wireless headset adopts a fully open-ear design, and the headset is gently and safely attached to the ear. Compared with in-ear earphones or bone conduction earphones, this open-ear earphone can really do everything in your ear. Whether you walk, run or work, you can always pay attention to the safety of the surrounding environment, make effective calls and enjoy music.

HIFI Stereo Sound

The Q63 uses a 13.4mm graphene diaphragm. The music output is HD stereo audio, which will create an advanced listening environment. The sound is very clear without any noise. The three-layer 10mm driver is larger than its predecessor, improving high-frequency and low-frequency output. Compatible with dual microphones on both sides, it is easy to achieve clearer voice transmission and microphone mute effect.

Applicable to Different Scenarios

This wireless headset is not only fashionable and simple in appearance, but also small in size, which is convenient for business travel. Whether at home or out, it is the best intimate partner.

Widely Compatible

The wireless earbuds are compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows systems.


Q63 Provides You with Music "Treasure Box"

Power Your All Day


  • 18 Hours of Listening Time


When fully charged, the wireless headset can play music for up to 18 hours. It can provide up to 18 hours of use time for overnight long-distance flights or work.


  • Longer Battery Life


With the powerful 600 mAh charger, you can charge the headset about 3 times, and it only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge it. You can easily enjoy music for a long time and save your precious time.


  • Easy to Use



  1. play/pause/answer/cancel call: Gently press the "On/Off" button.
  2. Increase/reduce volume: One click +/ -
  3. last/next song: Long press +/ -


The button shall be designed to avoid inductive accidental touch.


Q1: Why can't I charge the wireless earbuds?

  • Make sure the charging case is fully charged.
  • Please clean the charging contacts of the headset and charging case.
  • Check whether the headset is correctly placed in the charging case.


Q2: Can I wear these earphones when swimming?

  • This headset is waterproof IPX7, suitable for running and exercise. We do not recommend wearing it when swimming.


Q3: How to reset the headset when it cannot be used normally?

  • Disable other Bluetooth devices except for Q63.
  • Gently press the "On" button. Turn on the headset manually. Then gently press the "Off" button to turn off the headset manually.
  • Press and hold the button of the earplug until the indicator light flashes. If you hear the prompt tone, the earphone will turn off and reset successfully.
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Secured Payment

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Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping on Orders Over 20USD+


18 Months Warranty


18 Months Warranty

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